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[04 Mar 2005|12:08pm]

-cd release party for these rockin bros.

The Caulfield Principle
-metal only comes in 2 colors... black and gold

Falling Stars Burn Bright


The Arnolfini Marriage had to drop off and our boys in above this fire graciously hooked us up.. the show starts at 8pm i think its 6 dollars to get in and its at the HI FI in cleveland

http://www.hificlub.info or
for all your needs!!!!!!


11729 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107
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Website update [01 Feb 2005|01:41pm]

well i finally updated the TCP website.. give it a look..
nothing too much
show listing and a bit of news.. total score
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another show [31 Dec 2004|03:45pm]

we're playing mr. smalls again sunday. it's an all day event with a bunc of other bands like once nothing, demise of eros, dying ways and kamikabe. it should be a good time so hopefully we'll see some familiar faces there

1/2/05 www.mrsmalls.com $7

- we're selling tickets again so if you want one let us know
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These are things you should come see [15 Nov 2004|06:00am]

The Caulfield Principle (no shows Dec.12-17)
7:00 $5
Chevy Chase Community Center
The Chandelier Swing
The Mad Cows
Lucas Blue
Kevin Davies and Ryan Chandler

$5 7pm
Larry's Pool Hall
One Dead Three Wounded

Mr Smalls Theater
6:30 $5
xWhere It Endsx
Man At Arms
As My Shadow Fades
Dying Ways

Mr Smalls Theater
Grave Desire
Stab Stab Stab
Sinning is our Savior

we have to sell tickets to the mr. smalls shows so you should buy em from us
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hey ooooo [03 Sep 2004|11:50am]


September 3rd, 4th, and 5th 2004

Bottle Rocket Fest

hey everyone the venue just got changed its now here

the masonic temple of toledo 910 Phillips Ave, Toledo, OH 43612-1337 US

Sorry about this!!! Please tell everyone!!!!


All That Remains,
The Caulfield Principle,
The Dream is Dead,
Breather Resist,
xKill Everyonex,
This Means War,
End of All,
Not Enough Gold,
Bloodlined Calligraphy,
Till Death do us Part,
Building a Desert, and


Premonitions of War,
Bury Your Dead,
From a Second Story Window,
Suffocate Faster,
Ion Dissonance,
The End,
Since the Flood,
The Blinding Light,
Undo Tomorrow,
The Alliance,
The Torrent,
Let it Die,
Spitting Cobra,
Mouth of the Architect, and
And the Sky Went Red


The Black Dahlia Murder,
Forever is Forgotten,
Found Dead Hanging,
Camilla Rhodes,
Phoenix Bodies,
Eat Your Heart Out,
Comrade Kilkin,
Flesh and Blood Robot,
The Nain Rouge,
The Assailant,
Rats Into Robots,
The Second, and
The Dawning

Time:Friday 5:30, Saturday and Sunday 2 Price:Friday $10, Saturday $15, Sunday $13
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day 3 [08 Aug 2004|02:14pm]

the first day of our mini tour with one dead three wounded was so good. there were so many kids and it was just a great time a ll around. Christian got his head split open and he and jake both got whacked by Travis's unorthodox bass handling skills.

saturday was the drive to columbus which was pretty alright. we got there early and walked around the streets and checked out some record stores and vintage clothing places and whatever else interested us. we eventually made our way to the basketball courts near high five and had a game of two on two, followed by a game of horse with a local ten year old who kicked jake, christian and john's ass. embarassing. the venue was pretty nice but the kid who had originally signed on to put it on bailed so there was absolutely no promotion and that fucker didn't even show up. the guy who took over was super cool though and maed the situation the best it could have been. the line up was a local band who were pretty good, two grind bands us and one dead three wounded. it was art grind though, like daughters stuff.. they didnt' like us.. "that chug chug shit just doesn't get me going." we played a great set to a total of twelve people.. one dead also sounded great...

tonight is dayton, i think there'll be more people tonight. stacy is taking care of both us and one dead complete with a place to stay, food, and good movies.. she gets my mvp vote..
that's it for now..
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whoa shit [02 Aug 2004|08:04pm]

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ONE WEEK AWAY [16 Jun 2004|05:24pm]

june 23rd oakland firehall
1741 bedford st.
johnstown pa
5:30 $6

nodes of ranvier

calico system

glass casket


chiodos bros



the chandelier swing

we're going to be filming a video for burn it at the base so if kids can go ape shit that would be sweet. especially for sing a longs and pile ons and table dives and you know that shit..

go to www.purevolume.com/thecaulfieldprinciple to hear the song
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lyrics [21 May 2004|06:47pm]

just figured I'd post some lyrics so people can sing along or just know what I'm saying..

A Three Chord Cross
don't try to stop me if this starts to sound like what we both knew was to come.
the better of things rarely ever last
the best of times try but end up dying young
we'll stop to soak it all in before we are buried by all of this
these three chords will bury us all
purists pay well for a limited stock
the language of up and down lines trying to tell time to the rest who've been beaten blind
new rhymes from old lines
the language of up and down lines trying to tell time to the rest who've been beaten blind
here's to new beginnings and fresh starts
regrets from the believers
we'll watch it as it falls
we'll let the line lay
we'll watch it as it falls and let it lay still

Black Leather Laceration
who knew you'd be the first to draw blood
your tone fades. your weight drops
thin out and sink down further
*your friends deserted you. your life has come undone
the only thing you have left is the addiction*
you feel sick. you need a fix from that loving metal tip. you feel sick.
*what happened to loyalty. you've been left to die. everything has fallen apart
you are all alone
you should have known. this is your own fault
nobody even realized that you were gone
what happened to loyalty. you've been left to die
everything has fallen apart
you are all alone
the las scraps of skin still try to hold on to bone
old habits die hard. they'll hold you down
the las scraps of skin still try to hold on to bone
old habits die hard. they'll hold you down
now you are on your wn and you're out of shame of guilt of life
you knew what you had to lose
you knew what you were getting into

Burn It At The Base
bleed the well dry and we'll see just how many stick around to witness you reach the end.
marked by an eptied out trophy case and a vacant seat
the champ has hung up his gloves
on a peg they rest the red leather fades (2)
but how long till they are dusted off and picked back up
dusted off, picked back up again and again then again
the engine barely cooled off beore you restarted it (2)
the crowd never stopped so niether did you
the production never waivered, niether did the numbers (2)
so all you lost was my respect (2)
They all said you still got it
you hear what you want to
so all you lost was my respect
they all said you still got it (2)
you never did know when to quit (4)
this time stay dead
stay dead

A Front To Back Failure
this time it's different
every last I'm sorry has run out
and I have hit rock bottom
I have bottomed out (4)
all the wrong words for all the right reasons
count me in. turn out the lights. wind up the clock and kiss it goodnight
the confetti will keep you warm so for now add it all up
all the wrong words for all the right reasons
the last of my sincereest tries
until another sleepless morning comes to start me off once again
the last thing I will remember is what always kept us together
always wake up late wanting more
we never could call it a night
count me in. turn out the light.
the confetti will keep you warm so for now add it all up
clank your glasses together
say a toast for yours truly
count me in. turn out the light
wind up the clock and kiss it goodnight
the confetti will keep you warm so for now add it all up
I'll pull this tight and hold it close
sincerely yours from below sea level
a front to back failure
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MAS SHOWO [17 May 2004|01:29am]


Nodes of Ranvier
Glass Casket
Calico System
The Caulfield Principle
Chiodos Bros.
The Chandelier Swing

Oakland Firehall
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Last night's show [15 May 2004|01:31am]

I think we played a tight set. Had a couple fuck ups because I was so out of it from it being so hot. Felt like I was gunna pass out a couple times while playing, but it's all good. I definitely think we played 125% though.

Suffer The Fat was really good other than that fucked up song, but I don't blame them with it being nearly 100 degrees in that place. Chris Miller was playing some sexxxy riffs before they played. It seemed like Christian and I were the only people going off for them until the end of their set, for which the amount of mosh was just ridiculous.

I made friends with the guys in Scars of Tomorrow, they were fun as hell. They tore shit up when they played, too. Definitely check them out next time they come, and make sure to ask their drummer, Chris, for a game of snaps.

Then, huge breakdown (aka Remembering Never) took stage, and apparently with some of our equipment.

The way I look at it is, the person who tried to steal our amp does in fact represent the band as a whole. His actions reflect the band's reputation and were completely unacceptable. If someone in TCP would do that to another band (while I know for a fact that the bro-some dudes in TCP would never do something like that, but this is hypothetical crap I'm talkin' here), I would demand that the rest of the band kick them out for their unethical, unprofessional behavior.

People have told me we should tell ferret what their band tried to do. Like anyone would care, though.

The show was awesome, though, and you missed out if you weren't there.
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this shit is too dark [14 May 2004|03:39pm]

so we played a show last night and for one I think all the bands did really well.. STF had a little trouble with a song but nothing to shit the bed over.. I think we played a really good set. I would have rather have not played so long but that's something we can fix in the next coming shows and it might just be me.

Scars of Tomorrow were really nice guys and I enjoyed seeing them again. They said nice things to us after we were done and then they played a great set after STF.

Remembering Never was next and they played really well. Everyone was going nuts for them and it was a great time while they were playing..

I really like Johnstown for the most part.. It just seems like the kids there are just there to have a good time and they're not really bringing in a bunch of dumbass attitudes.. maybe that's just my opinion, but I like those kids and I enjoy playing there.

I'm not trying to talk shit this is just what happened.. Jason's guitar head got switched with one of the guitarist's heads from RN. We were getting ready to load up and Jason picked up the amp on his head and saw that there was rust and shit all over his head and Jason just bought his head a few months ago and it's still in pristine condition, so he knew right away that it wasn't his. He looked around and it was sitting on the RN guitarists cab so Jason went up and looked at it and all the knobs were set to his liking and his Ohms were to his specific setting whereas the other was set to 4 ohms and jason uses like 16. There was a sticker on the amp but it was obvious it was Jason's amp and the guy didn't put up a fight about it so we're pretty sure he tried to make the switch and got caught red handed.. It's just a bummer because we've played with them twice and have supported them since the days of POTA and chances are the guy could afford an amp like that, so why try to take it from a small band whose already up to their elbows in debt? Like I said I'm not talking shit.. this is just what happened to us and it might just have been the one guitarist rather than the whole band so.. yeah. that's all

the new scars of tomorrow album is good

other members might have different opinions/ interpretations of this evening.. this was mine

- christian
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shows for the hoes [03 May 2004|08:40pm]


Remembering Never (ferret style)
Scars of Tommorrow (victory)
Suffer the Fate (moshmouth)
The Caulfield Principle
Antietam (debut show)

$5 @ 5:00 SHARP (has to end early)

I'd rather Die - good.. they have die in their name, you'll like em
Methal Orange - really spazzy, really good.. played bottle rocket fest
The Caulfield Principle
Lift the Curse - Washington PA youngsters con beatdowns galore
Xabsolute powerX - edgeasaurus


(more info to come)

- We'll post more when we know more -
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some quik stuff [03 May 2004|07:53pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

as of right now this is a community that only the members of the caulfield principle will post in....
this may change in the future but think of it more as a source for information other then a place for discussion.. ya heard?

tell ya friends add up tcpmetal on their friends list...


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awwww jeah [03 May 2004|02:43pm]

TCP invades LiveJournal.
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first post [03 May 2004|04:03am]

so travis and myself were sitting around, just chattin, you know normal internet shit. when we decided we'd make a livejournal community for TCP in which all the members of TCP can write updates, feelings on shows, show reviews anything TCP related to which other people may want to know about.. to find out who's postin what.. just look at the picture thing.. so make sure to add us up what what!! it'll be fly and the most up to date for your TCP news!

the cd is coming along well.. almost finished.. into the mixing stage.. sounds pretty good. thats all i got. this is more of a test entry then anything.. dips
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TCP [03 May 2004|01:25am]

testing... testing.... woooo
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test [03 May 2004|01:27am]

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